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We Gather, Form and Unleash Ignatian Creators

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Encounter the poem through Julian Peters’ comic.

Book Club

Join us for a live conversation with acclaimed author Kirstin Valdez Quade on her debut novel.


Part of developing intimacy with a Creator God is saying yes to the creative impulse,
even when it seems out of left field.

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AMDG Podcast: Wrestling with God and Poetry with Philip Metres


The Jesuit Media Lab was made for creatives
by creatives.

The team behind the JML is the communications office at the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States — we make stuff like the AMDG podcast and the weekly spirituality email newsletter Now Discern This and we run Jesuits.org. 

We meet kindred spirits all the time: Writers, podcasters, videographers, painters and other creators whose lives and work have been shaped by encounters with God through Ignatian spirituality. These are our people.

And we’ve started the Jesuit Media Lab to gather, form and unleash these creators.


We gather folks for events like in-person creators’ retreats and online book clubs.


We offer courses, webinars and a resource library to help Ignatian creators hone their craft.


We publish work created by freelance partners on our wide range of our online platforms.

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