An Examen of Life’s Stories 


This Examen can be prayed at any time, but it is particularly suited to praying while reading and reflecting on Cannonball Moments: Telling Your Story, Deepening Your Faith.”


I pause in gratitude to God, whose Holy Spirit has been at work in every moment of my story. I place my trust in God, who has brought me to this moment and will bring me to the next. I imagine God’s Spirit hovering over me, now, last week, in two months, whispering, “This is my beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” 


I ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate my life’s story. Help me see clearly the unique insights, experiences, culture, connections, values and wisdom I bring to this moment, to every moment, to moments yet to come. Help me, too, not to shy away from those places in my life that are raw, tender, and in need of compassion and nurture. 

Pray the whole Examen.

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