What If Jesus Kept A Diary? On Prayer and Storytelling with Bill Cain, SJ


This podcast episode is about storytelling, imagination and prayer — three things St. Ignatius of Loyola saw as interconnected. 

Fr. Bill Cain, SJ, has a rather intimidating bio: He’s a Peabody and Writers’ Guild award winning screenwriter who has worked on several films and television shows, including “Nothing Sacred,” “Thicker Than Blood” and more. His work for theater includes “Equivocation,” “9 Circles,” “Stand-Up Tragedy” and “How To Write A New Book For The Bible.”

He received the 2009 and 2010 Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award, and is the only writer to receive the award in sequential years. There’s more awards, too, and they’re all impressive. Plus, he founded the Boston Shakespeare Company, and has spent more than a few years teaching at Nativity Schools. 

But the reason he’s on the podcast isn’t for any of that. He’s here because he wrote a book about Jesus Christ, a deeply moving and tender story that was so good it found its way into conversation around the dinner table of host, Eric Clayton. 

And that’s something worth reflecting on. After all, isn’t that the nature of the Gospel? Jesus lived a life worth talking about, did things that were so remarkable people told their friends, their families, said, “Hey — you’ve got to check this guy out. He’s gonna change how you view the world.” 

St. Ignatius himself was so moved by the story of Christ — not the scripture, specifically, at least not at first — but by another author’s account of Jesus. And that imaginative tale is what led the soldier-turned-saint to embrace a new life, a new way of loving. 

So, in today’s episode, consider what it means to encounter Christ through imaginative storytelling. How might such an encounter change your life? 

(Top photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

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